Important Technology strategy in warehouse operation

What are the key attributes in implementing information technology for a  successful warehouse operation?

Here is a core set of strategies for consideration that can align the warehouse and distribution center logistics with business strategies. The strategies are created from proven solutions aimed at eliminating non-value adding activities and address the business drivers that are most important to your warehouse operation. Intelligently applied, they bring an organization’s logistics strategy into alignment with business strategy and help provide a competitive edge in your market sector.

  • Reduce Time Wasted Traveling
  • Move Orders To Zones using a set of proven algorithm
  • Batch Orders and Sort
  • Reduce walking time
  • Eliminating travel, Full Case Selection & Replenishment
  • Buffering and Sequencing
  • Picking, sorting
  • Layer Pick
  • Mixed Case Palletizing
  • Get real time information
  • Using flexibible IT technology