Edge Computing Data Centre

Edge compute (distributed IT) installations have become increasingly business critical. Deploying and operating IT at the edge of the network, however, comes with unique challenges. Solving them requires a new set of skills in selecting, configuring, assembling, operating, and maintaining these systems.

Netsis focus on common problems found in edge environments, and what it takes to design, assemble, deploy, and manage a robust infrastructure, so that business-critical applications remain available and personnel at the edge sites can focus on their primary tasks. The team in Netsis believe the answer lies in having an improved ecosystem of partners and tools throughout the lifecycle, and a fully integrated micro data center solution that is born from that ecosystem.


Hybrid data centre


In today’s hybrid data center architectures, the edge of the network requires the same high resiliency as centralized or cloud data centers. But they are very different in two main ways:

(1) they generally lack trained, onsite staff; and

(2) there are multiple, distributed sites.


This leads to some unique challenges that require a holistic design and deploying IT. We believe solutions and products from various vendors & partners need to be integrated collaboratively. This serves to augment the end user staff throughout the lifecycle of the sites – from configuration, to assembly and delivery, through operations and maintenance – enabling cost-effective resiliency.

The right system produces a fully integrated micro data center that includes the IT, physical infrastructure, and management tools. Netsis offer rule online configurators and reference designs to simplify and accelerate the selection and configuration and ensure interoperability with 3rd party systems; and provide resilient solutions that enable management for a fleet of dispersed sites.

We provide fully assembled and tested micro data centers design that can be delivered complete. This ensures resources are optimized and reduces the risk of errors that can lead to delay and downtime.

Netsis being an IT vendor provides the equipment to ensure the IT remains secure and operational. This includes the physical enclosure (rack) for the IT equipment, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to provide battery backup for the IT equipment in data centre, rack power distribution (rack PDUs) to provide the needed outlets for the IT equipment, cooling, environmental monitoring such as temperature, humidity, & water sensors, physical security cameras & access control, and management software.


Our expertise lie in the capability in integrating the edge computing solutions


• create rule-based configurator tools based on IT stack needs

• develop micro data center reference designs

• understand the criticality implications and risk of downtime

• provide offers that address appropriate level of environmental, physical security, and management

• develop management tools with public APIs, so data can be accessible by other 3rd party solutions

• drive interoperability with other vendors hardware & software upstream and downstream of their hardware

• translate business need to IT requirements

• have expertise on the industry and technologies they deploy

• help determine the best IT stack needed to support the business application

• have a broad understanding of IT hardware and software integration

• have alliances with IT and physical infrastructure vendors • help determine the physical infrastructure needs for the IT, based on power capacity, dimensions, weight, plug-types, criticality, etc